Results: Election for 2020-2021 Board

This year, JETAA officer elections for Texas and Oklahoma ran from Feb 11-Feb 18, 2020, with the results certified by the Press Officer and announced at the board meeting on Feb 18.

The following Alumni will lead JETAA Texoma in the 2020-2021 fiscal year!

  • President: Andy McCarthy
  • Vice-President: Mark Schneider
  • Treasurer: Jennifer Tucker
  • Secretary: Emily Gurvis
  • Webmaster: Rochelle Breen
  • Press Officer: Rochelle Breen
  • Regional Representative–Austin/Hill Country: Michelle Lu
  • Regional Representative–Houston/South Texas: Halee Haggerton
  • Regional Representative–Oklahoma: Sandi Morrow

Officers will assume their new roles beginning Mar 1, 2020.

No candidates stood to election for these positions:

  • Regional Representative–Dallas/North Texas
  • Regional Representative–San Antonio/West Texas

Alumni interested in learning more about fulfilling those roles should contact the press officer.

2020 Elections Begin for JETAA Texoma Officers

District 9 Alumni, the ballot box is now live for the 2020 election to fill all officer positions on the JETAA Texoma Board!

Please cast your vote using the ballot link in the latest newsletter. (If you didn’t receive one, or if you have issues otherwise with the ballot, please contact the press officer).

All incumbents but two (VP & Press Officer) are running for re-election, with no one nominated as Regional Representatives for San Antonio or DFW. (If you’re interested in serving those areas yourself, please contact us.)

Ballots must be received no later than Tuesday, February 18th. The results will be certified by the JETAA Texoma board at its next meeting and announced online shortly thereafter.

Yee-Hawnami 2020: Texas Bluebonnets in Houston

Members from the Texoma region and the NOLA/Mid-South region will gather in Houston for a Hanami picnic and ‘onsen’ weekend. Interested? Keep your ear to the ground for more details coming soon.

When: March 27 – 29 2020 | Friday – Sunday
Who: JET Alumni and friends

Tentative/Proposed Itinerary


  • Evening: Welcome Mid-South JET Alum and have a Japanese dinner


  • Prepare food for hanami picnic together
  • Hanami Picnic to enjoy the Texas Bluebonnets
  • Korean spa
  • Dinner at Conveyor-belt Sushi restaurant
  • Possible Karaoke niji-kai


  • Morning shopping trip to Daiso, Seiwa Supermarket, etc
  • Mid-South JETAA group departs Houston

Participants will individually pay for:

  • ​Personal pass to the Korean Spa (approx $45.00)
  • Personal restaurant meals
  • Their own shopping purchases

02/02/2020: Platform Submission Opens for 2020-2021 Officer Elections

Update: While we have received platforms for most positions, we still have a “need” to fill the following positions:

– Vice President
– Press Officer
– San Antonio Regional Rep
– DFW Regional Rep

We will extend platform submissions until Monday, February 3rd to try and fill these positions. If you’re thinking about submitting for these positions please feel free to contact current president, Andy McCarthy.

JETAA officers have a unique opportunity to continue their JET experience by organizing activities for our alumni community and interacting with local Japan-affiliated organizations.

As a board, we’re pleased to have become more active within the past couple of years, and we have even more ideas in the pipeline (especially as potential hosts for the 2020 JETAA USA National Convention in the fall), so now is an exciting time to become part of the board!

On January 13, 2020, we sent by newsletter the call for submissions for this year’s officer elections with all the details needed to run in the election. Only JET Program Alumni are eligible to apply, and platforms must be received no later than Monday, January 27th.

Shortly after that, the ballot will be made public and the election will begin. The voting period will be one to two-weeks long (deadline TBA with the election announcement).

After elections conclude and results are announced, there will be a transition period for departing officers to pass on their knowledge and new board members to begin planning for the year. The new board will begin officially presiding over JETAA Texoma affairs in the spring.

If you are a JET Program Alumni living in TX or OK but did not receive the newsletter announcement, please contact webmaster [at]

2018-2019: A Year in Review

During the fiscal year of April 2018 ⁠— March 2019, JETAA TEXOMA hosted and participated in the following occasions to promote cross-cultural understanding and connect JET Program Alumni across Texas and Oklahoma (and other chapters in the US!).

2018-2019 Recurring Events:

  • 5 trivia nights in Houston (April ‘18, May ‘18, June ‘18, July ‘18, and January ‘19)


  • Apr 14-15: Alumni provided information about the JET Program at Japan Festival Houston
  • Jun 23: JET Q&A Session for Departing JET’s
  • Jul 15: Book Club in Houston met to discuss The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas
  • Jul 30: Departing JET’s Farewell Reception
  • Sep 14-16: President Andy Mack and Vice President Alisa Tobin represented JETAA Texoma at the 2018 JETAA USA National Conference in Denver, Colorado
  • Sep 21: Karaoke Night in Austin
  • Sep 29:  Luncheon in San Antonio
  • Nov 3: Game Night in Houston


  • Jan 13: Shinnenkai in Houston
  • Feb 2: Kakizome Calligraphy Workshop in partnership with Japan-America Society of Houston
  • Mar 23: Texas Japanese Speech Contest, to which JETAA Texoma donated a small gift for winners in the haiku category
  • Mar 25: JET Returnee Reception
April 2018 Japan Festival Houston
May 2018 JETAA Texoma officers meeting with Vice-Consul Kawase from the Consulate-General of Japan in Houston
Jul 2018 Departing JETs (Houston) Reception, hosted by Consul-General Fukushima
Sep 2018 JETAA USA National Conference in Denver, Colorado. Can you spot your Texoma officers?
Sep 2018 Austin area alumni at karaoke
Dec 2018 Reception to celebrate the Japanese emperor’s birthday
Jan 2019 Shinnenkai in Houston

2017-2018: A Year in Review

Despite Hurricane Harvey, JETAA TEXOMA was more active than ever, hosting and participating in the following stellar events to promote cross-cultural understanding and connect JET Program Alumni across Texas and Oklahoma.

2017-2018 Recurring Events

  • 6 trivia nights in Houston: April ‘17, May ‘17, June ‘17, October ‘17, February ‘18, March ‘18.
  • 4 Book Club Meetings: Silence (July ‘17), The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks (October ‘17), Our Land Was a Forest: An Ainu Memoir (January ‘18), and Aristotle & Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe (April ‘18)

2017 Events We Supported or Facilitated

  • May 6-7: Alumni provided information about the JET Program at Japan Festival Houston
  • Jun 24: JET Q&A Session for Departing JET’s, in which alumni advised outgoing JET’s on topics such as health, team teaching, and daily life in Japan
  • Jul 22: 2017 Departing JETs Farewell Reception held at the Consul-General of Japan in Houston’s residence
  • Aug 3-Aug 6: President Tim Roller, Vice President Greg Gaylor, and Treasurer Jessica Holloway represented our chapter at the 2017 JETAA USA National Conference in Washington D.C. and the JET Program’s 30th Anniversary Reunion
  • Aug 19: Austin Alumni gathered for karaoke
  • Aug 31: Hurricane Relief Fund raised $1000 to assist local JET Alumni affected by the storm
  • Sep 16: ‘Houston Strong’ Day of Service for Hurricane Harvey recovery efforts
  • Nov 11: Houston Nengajo Party, co-hosted with The Japan-America Society of Houston, educated attendees about the Nengajo custom and helped them create their own
  • Dec 9: Bounenkai 2017 gathered more than 40 Attendees including Alumni members, members of the local Japanese community, and guests from JASH, the Consulate-General of Japan in Houston, and CLAIR

2018 Events We Supported or Facilitated

  • Jan 21: Shin-nen-kai 2018 in Austin
  • Feb 11: JET Returnee Reception
  • Feb 17: Austin Alumni Meeting
  • Mar 18: Texas Japanese Speech Contest, to which JETAA Texoma donated a small gift for winners in the haiku category