Results: Election for 2020-2021 Board

This year, JETAA officer elections for Texas and Oklahoma ran from Feb 11-Feb 18, 2020, with the results certified by the Press Officer and announced at the board meeting on Feb 18.

The following Alumni will lead JETAA Texoma in the 2020-2021 fiscal year!

  • President: Andy McCarthy
  • Vice-President: Mark Schneider
  • Treasurer: Jennifer Tucker
  • Secretary: Emily Gurvis
  • Webmaster: Rochelle Breen
  • Press Officer: Rochelle Breen
  • Regional Representative–Austin/Hill Country: Michelle Lu
  • Regional Representative–Houston/South Texas: Halee Haggerton
  • Regional Representative–Oklahoma: Sandi Morrow

Officers will assume their new roles beginning Mar 1, 2020.

No candidates stood to election for these positions:

  • Regional Representative–Dallas/North Texas
  • Regional Representative–San Antonio/West Texas

Alumni interested in learning more about fulfilling those roles should contact the press officer.

2020 Elections Begin for JETAA Texoma Officers

District 9 Alumni, the ballot box is now live for the 2020 election to fill all officer positions on the JETAA Texoma Board!

Please cast your vote using the ballot link in the latest newsletter. (If you didn’t receive one, or if you have issues otherwise with the ballot, please contact the press officer).

All incumbents but two (VP & Press Officer) are running for re-election, with no one nominated as Regional Representatives for San Antonio or DFW. (If you’re interested in serving those areas yourself, please contact us.)

Ballots must be received no later than Tuesday, February 18th. The results will be certified by the JETAA Texoma board at its next meeting and announced online shortly thereafter.

02/02/2020: Platform Submission Opens for 2020-2021 Officer Elections

Update: While we have received platforms for most positions, we still have a “need” to fill the following positions:

– Vice President
– Press Officer
– San Antonio Regional Rep
– DFW Regional Rep

We will extend platform submissions until Monday, February 3rd to try and fill these positions. If you’re thinking about submitting for these positions please feel free to contact current president, Andy McCarthy.

JETAA officers have a unique opportunity to continue their JET experience by organizing activities for our alumni community and interacting with local Japan-affiliated organizations.

As a board, we’re pleased to have become more active within the past couple of years, and we have even more ideas in the pipeline (especially as potential hosts for the 2020 JETAA USA National Convention in the fall), so now is an exciting time to become part of the board!

On January 13, 2020, we sent by newsletter the call for submissions for this year’s officer elections with all the details needed to run in the election. Only JET Program Alumni are eligible to apply, and platforms must be received no later than Monday, January 27th.

Shortly after that, the ballot will be made public and the election will begin. The voting period will be one to two-weeks long (deadline TBA with the election announcement).

After elections conclude and results are announced, there will be a transition period for departing officers to pass on their knowledge and new board members to begin planning for the year. The new board will begin officially presiding over JETAA Texoma affairs in the spring.

If you are a JET Program Alumni living in TX or OK but did not receive the newsletter announcement, please contact webmaster [at]

2017-2018 Board

JET Alumni Association Region 9, Texas and Oklahoma, hosted elections this spring, inviting platforms from interested and eligible candidates starting Feb 22, 2017 (announced via newsletter). On March 13, 2017, candidates and their platforms were announced and voting commenced using Survey Monkey. Voting closed on March 20, 2017.

The following elected board representatives and vacancies were  announced March 21, 2017, over the JETAA Texoma newsletter and the Facebook group and page.

President — Timothy Roller
Vice President — Gregory Gaylor
Treasurer — Jessica Holloway
Secretary — Alisa Tobin
Web Master — Dusty Downing
Press Officer — Rochelle Breen
Houston/South Texas Regional Officer — Emily Gurvis
Austin/Hill Country Regional Officer — Jaymie Udan
San Antonio/West Texas Regional Officer — Ian Cruz
Dallas/North Texas Regional Officer — No applications received, position open. Email to step up to the plate!
Oklahoma — No applications received, position open. Email to step up to the plate!

Texoma JETAA – Events / Elections / Jobs and more

What’s Happening: Beginning of 2013
Hello TEXOMA JETAA community,

It has been quite a while since our last mass email but we have lots to cover. I was informed by most of the alums in attendance at the returnee reception that, in fact, email is their preferred method of being updated on events, so I would like to depend more on a monthly email update than just on our Facebook group (but please join and check the Facebook page for smaller updates and events).

Here is what is currently in the works:

1) TEXOMA JETAA OFFICER ELECTIONS – CALL FOR PLATFORMS – Any and all Texoma area JETs are encouraged to submit a platform by Thursday February 7th for the the following positions:
*Vice President
*Webmaster and Site Editor
*Newsletter Editor

—-Further information about the elections can be found later in this email—-

2) PUB TRIVIA – WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 6 @ PORCHSWING PUB – Pub Trivia is still alive and well but we are always looking for new blood. We have a regular group of about 4-6 JETAA members who play on the 1st Wednesday of the month (sometimes more often) but newcomers are more than welcome. Please remember that the team sizes are capped at 7 people so if you are not a member of the facebook group “Texoma Jetaa” please join and RSVP if you plan to attend so we can reserve enough tables and adjust team sizes accordingly.

3) LEO BAR COCKTAIL MIXER EVENT @ THE ASIA SOCIETY – THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 7 – The Japan America Society of Houston’s Young Professionals Group is co-hosting the Leo Bar event for February. If you have not yet gotten to explore the new Asia Society building in the museum district this is a great opportunity to see the amazing building and rub elbows with a diverse crowd of youthful movers and shakers of the Houston area. No reservations or admission fees, so feel free to stop by. Leo bar link is below:

-The Japan festival will be held in April. There is a position on the JFEST organization committee open and if any JET is interested please let Ryan or I know ASAP. The position is for Opening Ceremony Coordinator.
-Online sign-ups will be live on the Japan Fest website soon for anyone interesting in helping to help during the actual events of the festival

5) World Affairs Council of Houston’s Japanese Foreign Language

“This program will be held on Monday, April 22^nd from 10:30 to 1:30 p.m. with approximately 85 high school students and their teachers celebrating the students dedication and hard work in learning Japanese in school. The students are carefully selected by their teachers.

The purpose of the program is to honor these students and reward them for their hard work. The program offers guest speakers, table hosts, a beautiful lunch, decorations and finally a certificate at the end of the program. Attached you will find a flyer that I have used for teachers to register their students. It can give you more detailed information. In April, we also celebrate six other languages as well – they are German, Italian, Arabic, Spanish, French and Chinese and this is our 13^th year of doing so. The business community continues to support us in so many ways not only monetarily but with their attendance as table hosts. The table host sits with 9 students at a table, speaks in the language of the day and helps the student to understand the many ways careers can be enhanced by learning a second language. The table host is important and key to the success of that student returning to his training and feeling motivated by its many benefits.”

Any professional JET Alumns with Japanese ability please let me know if you have interest being a table host

JETAA: I have a new employment prospect that has come up, this time in our own Houston Consulate office. We are looking for a new Consular Service Clerk (Visa). Candidates must have strong written and verbal Japanese ability. Traditionally, this position has been offered only to local Japanese natives, but our office wants to open it up to the JETs. If you want to strengthen your language skills and spend time learning more about Japanese legal culture and researching interesting requests. Candidates who enjoy researching and helping others in addition to language and cultural ability will be considered. For a full summary of the position, please email me at (


—New York Career Forum 2013 —
Date: February 22 & 23, 2013 (Fri. & Sat.)
Place: The Altman Building (New York, New York)〈=E (〈=E)

If any groups or alums are starting to gather or want to start in any of the non-Houston cities, let us know and we might be able to provide some planning and financial support.

We remain eager for any event ideas JET alums in the area might have. Let us know by email or post in the facebook group.

FINAL NOTES: Hopefully everyone is well and the recent returnees are adjusting to being back home. If you are not a member of the facebook group, it is called TEXOMA JETAA, and members often post short notice social events or just Japanese news or articles. Now that the new year is in full swing, we look forward to improving and expanding the offerings of our TEXOMA chapter. Hope to see or hear from more of you in 2013.


Role: Coordinate all activities. Chair general meetings, monthly socials. Liaise with outside organizations.
Incumbent: Drew Himmelreich

Vice President
Role: Assist in coordination of all activities. Chair special projects as defined by the President or the Executive Committee. Manage membership requests and work with webmaster to update member list as necessary.
Incumbent: Jessica Parker

Role: Record information from meetings, distribute minutes, assist Executive Officers in administrative tasks.
Incumbent: No incumbent running.

Role: Develop annual budget. Secure funding from CLAIR and MoFA. Provide guidance to the board members on funds available for activities. Monitor bank account.
Adam Hammick

Webmaster and Site Editor
Role: Ensure function of website and mass e-mail system. Update member list and ensure website has up to date information.
Incumbent: Dusty Downing

Newsletter Editor
Role: Edit and publish quarterly newsletter.
Incumbent: Ryan Pauley

If you are interested in helping coordinate events in your area of Texas or Oklahoma, please contact us. We are particularly interested in setting up and supporting local chapters in the Austin/San Antonio area, the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, Tulsa, and Oklahoma City.