#QUAKEBOOK for Japanese Disaster Relief

April 12, 2011


Tokyo, Japan — In just over a week, a group of professional and citizen journalists collaborated via Twitter to create a book to raise money for Japanese Red Cross earthquake and tsunami relief efforts. The book is available for download via Amazon’s Kindle ebook platform at http://amzn.to/quakebook. One hundred percent of revenues go to the Japanese Red Cross Society.

The 98-page book, titled 2:46: Aftershocks: Stories from the Japan Earthquake and known on Twitter as “#quakebook”, is the brainchild of a Briton who lives in the Tokyo area and blogs under the pseudonym “Our Man in Abiko”.
The day after the earthquake and tsunami, Our Man in Abiko wrote on his blog, ”Is there anything you can do? Right now, I’m not sure. But I’ll think of something.”
A few days later, he did think of something. The former journalist put out a call on his blog and via Twitter for art, essays and photographs that reflected first-person accounts of the disaster. He decided he would edit them into a book and donate all the revenues to the Japanese Red Cross Society. Within 15 hours, he had received 74 eyewitness submissions from all over Japan, as well as reactions from elsewhere in Asia, Europe and North America.
In addition to narratives by journalists and people who braved the disaster, 2:46: Aftershocks: Stories from the Japan Earthquake contains writing created specifically for the book by authors William Gibson and Barry Eisler, as well as artist and musician Yoko Ono.
“The primary goal,” Our Man in Abiko says, “is to raise awareness, and in doing so raise money for the Japanese Red Cross Society to help the thousands of homeless, hungry and cold survivors of the earthquake and tsunami. The biggest frustration for many of us was being unable to help these victims. I don’t have any medical skills, and I’m not a helicopter pilot, but I can edit. I’m doing what I can do.”
With the book completed, the project team turned again to social media. In one day, they created a website <http://www.quakebook.org/>, Facebook page <http://www.facebook/quakebook> and Twitter account (@quakebook). The project quickly got attention from Twitter users like Yoko Ono as well as tech, publishing, and Japan-centric blogs.
“Twitter has been an amazing collaboration tool,” says Our Man in Abiko. “A few tweets pulled together nearly everything – all the participants, all the expertise – and in just over a week we had created a book including stories from an 80-year-old grandfather in Sendai, a couple in Canada waiting to hear if their relatives were okay, and a Japanese family who left their home, telling their young son they might never be able to return. Soon we were working with the world’s biggest ebook distributors and fielding calls from newspapers and television stations on five continents. People around the world are responding to the message of #quakebook and I really feel we are on the brink of something amazing.”

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Tsunami Fundraising & Japan Festival Planning

Dear Texoma,

As you have undoubtedly been watching the tragic news unfold in Japan, I hope that you’ve been able to get in touch with friends and loved ones in the affected areas.

JETAA USA Relief Fund

I know that right now we are all wondering what we can do and where we can direct donations securely.  JETAA USA has done a wonderful job of creating a relief fund (https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=YBW32VZP4WLY2) and a regularly updated blog (http://www.jetaausa.com/) with information, links, and resources on how you can help.


JETAA USA Relief Fund Campaign Poll

JETAA USA is currently deciding on a national campaign that can be promoted to JET alumni across the country. They have created an online poll at TwtPoll: http://twtpoll.com/7b01z5, which does not require a login of any type. Please vote on which option you think is best, or write in another option in the “Other” section if you have a good idea.


JETAA Texoma Fundraising & Japan Festival Planning

Our local chapter will be collecting donations to bolster relief efforts as well.  Texoma officers have a Japan Festival planning meeting scheduled on Wednesday, March 23rd at 6:30pm (location TBA) where we will also be talking about Japan earthquake/tsunami fundraising ideas.  If you have ideas you would like to come and discuss, let our secretary David Park know that you’ll be joining: david.park@texomajetaa.org.


Thank you,

Texoma JETAA Officers


Texoma JETAA Newsletter

Hello Texoma JETAA,

Hi! I’m Ryan Pauley and I’m excited to be the newsletter editor this year. I am starting on the 2011 Spring Newsletter, and I need your input.

I need articles and photographs, I need stories, recipes, cartoons, advertisements, weblinks to ridiculous things, and anything else you feel would make our newsletter great!

With that in mind, I have two things I want:

First – and maybe this should be mandatory for everyone – I want ideas for articles. Favorite foods that should be researched and written about, cities that have amazing things, people who deserve to be frozen in the carbonite of a newsletter, whatever. Ideas.

Second, I want to reach out to anyone who wants to write, or has already written an article that they’d like to have in the newsletter. Articles can be about any topic. Maybe you have a unique story from your experience in Japan, coming back to America, or about some weird trip to Bali where your friends left you without your wallet and passport? Whatever. 500+ words if you can, 200 words if you can’t.

While the future is uncertain, the Spring Newsletter will be printed and distributed to JETAA membership (any easy clip for those looking to expand into a career in letters) and my goal is to have it published in March.

The deadline for material is February 11th – A month from now. If you haven’t made a New Year’s Resolution yet, make your resolution to write for the newsletter!

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you,

Ryan Pauley



The first issue of the revamped newsletter is finished and ready to be consumed!

In this issue:
● Rising Sun: Reintroducing the Texoma JETAA, Newsletter
● Stay in Touch!: Let us know how you are
● New Officers: Meet your 2010 Chapter Officers
● From the Consulate: Greetings from the Consular officers in charge of JET in Texas & Oklahoma
● Japanese Beer: Is it the same in the U.S.A?
● JASDFW Motchitsuki: Society celebrates 40 years with song, dance and mochi
● Dallas Upcoming Events: Two great events from the JASDFW
● 2010 JET Interviews: JET alumni help interview 77 promising applicants
● Life After the B.O.E.
● JET Alumni Represent Japan: JET alumni represent Japan at TMC
● Fly Catcher Boy
● Tofu Chocolate Mousse
● Texoma JETAA Shinnenkai: Recap from the 2010 New Years Party
● JAPAN FESTIVAL 2010: Mark your calendar for JAPAN FEST, Winner of the Houston Press Best Festival of 2009

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