Whether you’re familiar with Texas and Oklahoma or just moving out here, we’re pleased to welcome you to the wide and wild frontier that is District 9 of JETAA.

JET Program Alumni congregate regularly in Houston and Austin, as well as in San Antonio, Dallas, and central Oklahoma. But even if you settle into a smaller city or along the speedbump of a town off the highway, you’re sure to find a JET Alum or a JETAA event not too far away. In fact, often our most active space is the Facebook group.

Your officers for 2019-2020 wants to say a few words:

[coming soon]

JETAA Texoma bylaws are here, and election information is on that page as well.

To learn about your officers or area representatives, please visit the officers page.

If you want to be more active in JETAA affairs, your area representatives are a great point of contact. But we’ve also compiled some resources below which may be helpful in continuing your vision for cross-cultural exchange, promoting Japan-America relations, and connecting to other JET Alumni.

Resources for Alumni

At the bottom of each page on this site, you can find an RSS feed from JET Wit, which regularly posts job opening announcements.

When relevant TX / OK entities wish to specifically recruit former JET’s, we may make a post on this site, as well, sorted under the category “Job Posting” (see the bottom of the page).

Finally, we recommend the AJET Job Listings group on Facebook, which regularly shares similar content to JET Wit.

Area Organizations

Japan America Society has various chapters for cities across Texas including Austin (JASGA), Dallas/Fort Worth (JASDFW), Houston (JASH), and San Antonio (JASSA). Oklahoma has JASO.

The Japanese Teachers Association of Texas is a nonprofit which aims to promote interest in Japanese Language and Culture education at all levels in the State of Texas. You can learn more about them at this link: http://www.jtat.org/